NEWS: Watch amazing public response to driver trapped in overturned car – following crash on Church Road

Words by Ed King

On Friday 24 June, a driver flipped their car onto its side following a road traffic collision on Church Road.

Miraculously the driver was unhurt, and after being assessed by emergency services at the scene was discharged without needing hospital attention – despite the severity of the crash. The van driver involved was also unharmed.

Although West Midlands Fire Service only took two minutes to arrive at the scene after mobilisation, the general public and eyewitnesses to the crash were also heroes of the day – rushing to the lone driver’s aid and pulling them from the wreckage.

After trying to open the car door, which was jammed shut following the impact of the crash, people at the scene used cardboard and an axe to pull out the shattered back window – eventually being able to reach the stunned driver who was trapped inside.

In a fantastic show of community and compassion, passers-by immediately rallied round to support the victim of the crash – finding bedding and soft materials for them to rest on until the emergency services arrived.

The first at the scene were West Midlands Fire Brigade, who took confident control of the situation – checking for any potential danger and securing the road, whilst administering roadside care to the driver who was shaken by thankfully not seriously hurt.

In amazing footage taken by Andreea Neagu, a local resident who lives near the scene of the crash, you can see the incredible public response as people fought their way into the upturned vehicle to rescue the driver.

There is also footage of the impressive response by West Midlands Fire Service, who put themselves on the line every day to keep the public safe.

After sending the footage to Erdington Local, Andreea Neagu said: “I would like to say that I am really proud to be part of such a great community.

“Even though I was shocked about the scene, the image of all this people trying to help the poor woman got me in tears. All be blessed!”

An official statement from West Midlands Fire Service added: “On Friday 24 June at 11.43am, West Midlands Fire Service were called to reports of a road traffic collision on Church Road, Erdington.

“Crews from Aston and Erdington Fire Stations attended the incident and the first appliance was on the scene within 2 minutes of mobilisation.

“Crews made the scene and vehicles safe following a collision involving 5 cars and a van. Four of the vehicles were parked.

“Our colleagues from West Midlands Police and West Midlands Ambulance Service were also in attendance at the scene, with one person receiving a precautionary check up at the scene. No-one was trapped in the vehicles.”

Erdington Local would like to thank every member of the public who helped at the scene, and to commend West Midlands Fire Service for their incredible response.

However it is important to ensure the saftey of anyone involved in an accident, as any untrained moving could cause more damage.

We hope the driver is OK and has the right support around them – if they need any assistance, please contact our editor: [email protected]

Public rescue driver from car crash on Church Road

West Midlands Fire Service at the scene of car crash on Church Road

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