BACK TO SCHOOL: The Hive College students visit Kier Highways

Words & pics supplied by The Hive College

This morning we travelled to Kier Highways.

At Kier, they led us to a big entry point where trucks come and go – so we had to be careful of oncoming vehicles. We then geared up with PPE (helmet, gloves, and a hi-vis). After that, we used a weed killer but there was water in it.

Next, we saw the truck that grits the road with salt when its slippery.
Next, we watched a demonstration of how to paint a road with road directions.
After the demonstration, some of the students did some road painting with sand.

After that, we walked into an office and went to a meeting room and we listened to a presentation about what Kier was all about and all the different sectors that all the employees operate in. While in the meeting room, the employees talked about the entry requirements and the experience that you need to get the job.

The Kier employees talked about the history of Kier; it’s going to be 100 years since the company started in 4 years time. We were thrilled with excitement as they gave each of us some goody bags and in the goody bags was a bottle and a notebook.

After they showed us to a warehouse where all the boxes with the road signs get placed, and after they take the road signs out of the box, they get flattened by a machine.

All around it was a great day.

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