BACK TO SCHOOL: Getting excited by STEM at Queensbury School during British Science Week

Words and pics by supplied by Queensbury School

As part of British Science Week, Queensbury and New Horizons had a STEM day. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and these are all areas where there are skill shortages in the UK. These events encourage students to think about jobs and careers linked to STEM.

At Queensbury, Keyode Lewis came in to do some (very) low temperature demonstrations. Using liquid Nitrogen, Keyode did experiments using flowers, meringues, fruit, and other objects.

The finale was an experiment to see what happened if you mixed a very hot liquid with a very, very cold liquid – with some explosive results. The students were intrigued and fascinated by the demonstration and hopefully one or two will be inspired to follow a science pathway.

Another highlight was when students created self-powered cars using recycled materials. They worked together to design and build cars from items like cardboard and plastic bottles, learning about engineering and sustainability along the way.

Both these experiences sparked their curiosity and passion for science – they learned about engineering principles while building their cars and discovered the transformative power of extreme cold during the liquid nitrogen experiments.

Overall, British Science Week at Queensbury School provided students with an opportunity to explore and learn in a fun and engaging way.

The combination of building self-powered cars and conducting experiments with liquid nitrogen showcased the diverse and exciting aspects of STEM education.

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