BACK TO SCHOOL: Celebrating Mother’s Day at Kings Rise Academy

Words and pics by KRA

On Friday 8 March, children at Kings Rise Academy celebrated Mother’s Day with a special presentation in the main hall – inviting family, parents, and carers to come into school to mark the occasion with a special assembly.

Having written and prepared their own heartfelt messages of love than appreciation, our children welcomed the opportunity to stand on stage, read their personal messages, and tell their loved ones just how important they are.

Kings Rise Academy’s school motto is ‘Together We Succeed’ and the recent Mother’s Day celebration was a great example of how we can all be better people when we are loved and supported.

Year 5 Teacher and Curriculum Lead, Mrs Kelly Ann Dawes, told: “It was really wonderful to see all the hard work and effort the children put into their messages, and how they got to share them at such a special occasion – joined by the people that mean so much to them.

“We understand that family can mean different things to different people, but love is eternal – and that’s what we got to celebrate that day.”

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Kings Rise Academy is part of the Erdington Local BACK TO SCHOOL programme, working together to celebrate school life from staffroom to classroom.

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