BACK TO SCHOOL: ‘The Book Project’ sparks joy of reading at Wilson Stuart EYFS Pathway

Words and pics supplied by Wilson Stuart School

Wilson Stuart EYFS Pathway recently celebrated a literary extravaganza in collaboration with the charitable organisation, ‘The Book Project.’

In a remarkable gesture of generosity, ‘The Book Project’ donated over 500 books to the school, ensuring that each student could select and take home two books, nurturing their reading journeys and fostering a deep-seated love for reading.

The event, held at the EYFS department, was nothing short of magical. Students eagerly perused the diverse selection of books, each one a gateway to new adventures and endless imagination.

Adding to the excitement, students had the opportunity to purchase books using ‘Wilson Stuart cash,’ a unique initiative that empowers students to take ownership of their reading materials.

But the highlight of the event? Meeting the beloved character, the Gruffalo, who stepped out of the pages and into the hearts of the students, bringing their favourite stories to life.

Charlotte Davis, (EYFS Lead), and Kristal Bonner, (Literacy Lead), expressed their gratitude, stating: “Wilson Stuart extends a huge thank you to ‘The Book Project’ for their generous donation. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations to continue nurturing the love of reading among our students.”

This heartwarming partnership exemplifies the power of community and underscores Wilson Stuart’s unwavering commitment to providing enriching educational experiences for all its students.

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Wilson Stuart School is part of the Erdington Local BACK TO SCHOOL programme, working together to celebrate school life from staffroom to classroom.

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