BACK TO SCHOOL: Celebrated author Lee Benson engages students with Henry Egg series at Queensbury main school

Words and pics by supplied by Queensbury School

On 7 May 2024, our school had the pleasure of hosting Lee Benson, the acclaimed author of The Adventures of Henry Egg and the Henry Egg series, for a day filled with literary excitement and educational enrichment. Benson’s visit was highly anticipated, and he did not disappoint.

Benson conducted sessions with the Discovery and Quest classes, offering students a rare opportunity to engage directly with a professional author.

These sessions were not only informative but also inspiring, as students delved into the creative process behind Benson’s stories and even participated in interactive activities designed to spark their own storytelling talents.

During these class sessions, students were captivated by tales of adventure and moral lessons that the Henry Egg stories embody. Benson’s dynamic storytelling and engaging presence left a significant impression, encouraging students to explore their creativity and develop a deeper love for reading.

In addition to the workshops, students had the chance to purchase copies of Benson’s books, with a special treat: limited edition signed copies by both Benson and the series’ artist. This provided a cherished memento of the day, encouraging a lasting love for reading.

The visit by Lee Benson was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on students and staff alike.

It was a day that truly celebrated the joy of reading and the power of imagination.

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