NEWS: Four legged friendly Erdington residents wanted for next series of Channel 4’s The Dog House

Words by Ed King

Producers of Channel 4’s The Dog House are looking for Erdington residents who want to share their homes and hearts with a new four legged friend, to be part of the hit TV series.

First broadcast in 2019, The Dog House follows the lives of puppies and dogs at Woodgreen Pets Charity as they look for new ‘forever homes’ after being abandoned.

All rescue dogs, many have been left with Woodgreen because their previous owners were not able to take care of them anymore – but all are now looking for a permanent place to call home and people to love and be loved by.

Often referred to as a ‘dog dating show’, The Dog House features families and individuals looking for a new furry friend who are then ‘matched’ to a dog (or dogs) the staff at Woodgreen believe will be the perfect fit.

Some are looking for simple companionship, to bring joy into their lives after a difficult time – like a break up or bereavement. Others are hoping to improve their physical or mental health by having a dog to care for.

After a ‘first date’ meeting at the Cambridge based animal sanctuary, the lucky pups are sent home with their news owners – whilst those that didn’t quite make the match go back to their kennels.

Sue Ketland, dog behaviour and training specialist at Woodgreen, told: “Every dog deserves a loving home, and those in Woodgreen’s care find themselves without a family to call their own.

“Taking on a rescue dog not only saves them from loneliness, but you too. Dogs truly are the best source of comfort and joy! With so many people struggling with feeling alone, dogs can bring purpose and companionship, as well as getting you up and active every day.

“It’s an incredibly rewarding experience to offer a dog a second chance, and to help them settle and grow into their new life with you.”

To be considered for series five of The Dog House you must first register your interest online with Channel 4 before 28 April 2023. To register or for more information visit:

The show’s producers will then establish a shortlist of possible contenders for series five, which is likely to be broadcast in January 2024.

Series four of The Dog House began broadcasting on Channel 4 from Thursday 5 January, with episode one showing three visits to Woodgreen from people looking for the perfect pup.

Nine year old Oliver and his younger brother Felix took home a cockapoo puppy called Percy, with parents Hannah and Craig hoping the new addition to their families will help Oliver’s anxiety. After a slightly tentative start, the young boys and puppy bonded with Oliver stating: “I’ve never had joy… like this before.”

Next, the Foreman family were looking to fill a hole in their hearts after their dad and husband Andy had recently passed away, eventually finding the right fit with two seven month old Westie/Poodle cross puppies who “definitely have given us hope as a family.”

Finally, The Dog House also found a partner for golden retriever Rosie who was suffering with a broken heart after her owner’s break up meant she lost her life long pall Hollie. Enter Badger, also a retriever, and now Rosie is now “very much over the breakup and… definitely has the sparkle in her eye back.”

The Dog House is produced by Five Mile Films and broadcast on Channel 4, with series four currently going to air every Thursday at 8pm.

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