ELECTION NEWS: Meet the 12 candidates fighting it out to become Erdington’s next Member of Parliament

By Erdington Local election news team

The deadline for any candidate wanting to contest the Erdington seat in the upcoming by-election has now passed, with 12 people officially set to contest the seat on Thursday, 3 March.

First to announce their candidacy was Cllr Paulette Hamilton (Lab, Holyhead).

Cllr Hamilton was selected by local Labour Party members via an online vote on Wednesday, 26 January – beating her party rival, Ashley Bertie, by a considerable margin.

Already attracting support from Labour frontbenchers, Cllr Hamilton has so far been joined on the campaign trail by Deputy Labour Leader Angela Raynor – with more big names from the shadow cabinet rumoured to be landing in Erdington soon.

Running for Erdington’s Member of Parliament for the fifth time, local lad Cllr Robert Alden (Con, Erdington) will be back on the MP campaign trail – hoping to put a Conservative in the Erdington seat for the first time since 1945.

Gaining public support from West Midlands Mayor Andy Street and Conservative big hitters such as Party Co-Chair Oliver Dowden, Robert Alden’s campaign could get a boost from the fact he is a well know local resident involved in many Erdington based initiives and campaigns.

It could also benefit from Cllr Alden’s direct link to the current government, which could see recently failed regeneration bids – such as the Future High Street and Levelling Up fund applicatons – brought back to the table. Although the ongoing issues around Mr Johnson’s premiership could affect public opinion.

The once MP for Coventry South East, Dave Nellist, will be running as the candidate for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

Mr Nellist is expected to campaign against Government cuts, austerity measures, and to champion worker’s rights.

Since his announcement, Mr Nellist has already seen a significant response via social media and amongst Erdington Local readers, many of whom have been affected by the announced closure of the GKN Chester Road factory and continuing troubles at JLR Castle Bromwich.

Lee Dargue will be contesting the Erdington seat for the Liberal Democrats, having preciously run for Member of Parliament for Ladywood in the last two general elections.

Siobhan Harper-Nunes will be representing The Green Party – a Birmingham businesswoman and founder of Shakti Women, with an MSc in Urban Regeneration and 20 years professional experience in the city’s third sector.

Whilst local Erdington postman Jack Brookes will be standing for Reform UK, the modern day face of the Brexit Party following the UK’s departure from the European Union last year.

Mr Bookes will be running on a “secure borders” and “cheaper energy” platform, although campaign material being distributed by Reform UK has taken a hard stance on refugees seeking asylum in the UK – citing “the countless boats illegal migrants crossing the channel every day”.

Standing as the first independent to declare their intention for the Erdington seat is Michael Lutwyche – a Pitts Farm Estate resident and founder of the Justice-4-the-21 Birmingham pub bombings campaign.

The Christian People’s Alliance (CRA) will be presenting Mel Mbondiah as their candidate, a Walsall based pastor and longstanding social worker with experience in healthcare across the West Midlands.

Supporting an anti-abortion agenda and the declassification of cannabis, the CRA have never successfully elected a Member of Parliament – but have been previously successful in local government elections, placing representaives in Newham London Borough Council, and Aston-cum-Aughton .

Also standing in the Birmingham Erdington by-election will be Thomas Peter O’Rourke (Independent), Clifton Holmes (Independent), David Laurence Bishop (Militant Bus-Pass Elvis Party), and The Good Knight Sir NosDa (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party).

Polling for the Birmingham Erdington by-election is scheduled for Thursday, 3 March.