BACK TO SCHOOL: Problem Solving Challenge Day at Kingsthorne Primary School

Words and pics by Kingsthorne Primary School

The end of term always means the same thing at Kingsthorne, House Challenge Day. Pupils come off the normal timetable and split into their four houses, Earth, Fire, Ice, and Water.

Previous challenges have included an art competition inspired by influential female artists, a talent show, and a construction day where the children built items for the rejuvenation of Finchley Park.

This time, it was the Problem Solving Challenge Day. The children had to solve mind-bending puzzles including a scavenger hunt linked to the Kingsthorne values, devious domino maths, and thought twisting tangrams.

The scores will be added to the running total and at the end of the year the winning house will be revealed and awarded the trophy.

Organiser, Mr Ricketts, commented: “The House Challenge Days are a good way to encourage friendly competition and for the pupils to work with people they don’t usually get the chance to.

“It helps build resilience and friendships.”

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Kingsthorne Primary School is part of the Erdington Local BACK TO SCHOOL programme, working together to celebrate school life from staffroom to classroom. 

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