BACK TO SCHOOL: Greenwood Academy Live celebrates over 100 inspiring performances

Words and pics supplied by Greenwood Academy

For just over a year, students at Greenwood Academy (GWA) have been showcasing their talents in a special regular event called GWA Live.

Through GWA Live, young people at the Castle Vale secondary school have been developing their performance skills on stage and building confidence, whether they are just starting out or are more seasoned performers.

Students are involved off stage too, getting to work on operating lighting, sound, and visual equipment for the productions.

The monthly events are championed by Assistant Head Teacher Trevor Evans, who has led the school’s performing arts programme for many years – helping to produce some spectacular school productions and talent showcase events.

Mr Evans hopes the GWA Live events will encourage more self-belief and cohesion in and out of the classroom.

“GWA Live also embodies ‘The Greenwood Way’,” told Mr Evans, “an approach that we are rolling out encompassing all areas of school, instilling a sense of belonging for all pupils and making school a great place to be not only between 9am and 3pm but beyond.

“It’s about supporting, encouraging, and building our school community.”

From April, the GWA Live events will be expanding to include a headline act each month and to offer further support from the school’s Community Team – helping budding artists to develop their performance skills and live presentation.

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Greenwood Academy is part of the Erdington Local BACK TO SCHOOL programme, working together to celebrate school life from staffroom to classroom.

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