NEWS: Woman arrested on ‘attempted murder’ following vehicle attack on Reservoir Road – man remains in critical condition

Words by Ed King / Pics by Jobe Baker Sullivan

Reservoir Road was shut down today following a disturbance late on Friday night, leading police to cordon off the Erdington/Stockland Green thoroughfare whilst searching for clues.

As confusion grew across the area, with traffic brought to a standstill, West Midlands Police were reticent to issue any information other than the situation “was not fatal.”

Later on, it emerged there had been an ‘attempted murder’ using a vehicle – a 44 year woman has been arrested, whilst a ‘man in his 40’s remain in hospital in critical condition.’

People across the area had seen police presence arrive on Friday night, one Stockland Green resident told Erdington Local: “I saw some flashing lights late last night… but I didn’t think anything of it, there are flashing lights around here all the time.”

Another local resident speculated it may be a hit and run, with someone having wandered into traffic whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

They said: “Most nights, all round the shops, the druggies come and hang out.”

Terry Bracher, who lives on nearby Bleak Hill Road, told Erdington Local: “Whilst walking the dog I saw police and taped off area, but didn’t know what it was.”

Local artist Jennette Hill said: “I saw the police last (Friday) night as I drove through on my way home, at about midnight. I thought it must have been bad.”

Following requests from Erdington Local and other concerned parties, West Midlands Police issued the following statement earlier today: “A woman has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a man has been seriously injured after being hit by a car in Erdington.“

We were called to Reservoir Road at just after 10pm last night (8 October) and found a man with significant head injuries.

“The vehicle left the scene but has since been recovered and a 44-year-old woman has been arrested.

“The woman – who is known to the man – has also been detained on suspicion of driving while unfit through drink or drugs and remains in police custody for questioning. The man in his 40s remains in hospital in a critical condition.

“The road remains closed off while our enquiries continue and anyone with information is urged to get in contact.”

As investigations continue, West Midlands Police are calling to members of the public to come forward with any information that might help shed light on the case.

Stockland Green has just received £432,000 from the Government’s Safer Street initiative, which will be used to tackle street level crime, anti-social behaviour, and public disorder.

Stockland Green stakeholders are in the process of engaging with the community to formulate a Neighbourhood Plan.

The strategy will see local residents, police, strategic partners, and Birmingham City Counmcil join forces and work together to make positive changes in thre area.

West Midlands Police have stated anyone with information about the attack on Reservoir Road can get in touch via Live Chat at or call 101 and quote 20/1792022/21.

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  1. Stockland green area a complete mess now the problem is the huge amount of HMO & people being moved into the area from other areas even cities I know of a few relocated from London via the council then you have business people purchasing properties turning then into properties for vulnerable people in conjunction with agencies or housing associations & them being supported & making huge amounts of money from the council all this had lead the a mass population of vulnerable people & HMO & hostels & people who housed via the benefit system & you have people have drink & drug issues all living in a area ,
    There is no reason for these people to have pride where they live you have a massive litter problem households putting out litter daily the streets on some streets are disgraceful you contact the local council or councillors they just not interested ,cars parked on pavements on double yellow lines slade road & lower part George rd a complete litter & cars chaos mess & no one from the authorities are doing a thing buried there heads in the sand .
    You need zero tolerance on parking you need daily street cleaning & I mean a person walking not someone sitting a machine that cannot get to the litter on the pavement & so many cars
    The huge issue of HMO & properties turned into multi living properties & on I know lower part George rd had 12 properties almost one after another!!! No wonder the street like a litter dump
    Get the area cleaned up stop black bags think some alternative way rubbish storage for households that cannot use wheelie bins ,only allow a certain amount of HMO or multiple occupancy properties on a street .
    Stop illegal & bad parking get business to clean there properties up & do something about the crime but I fear stockland green a social dumping ground action needs now to try alleviate the problem.
    The council & authorities have sat back a let this problem evolve into the problem we have now
    They should be ashamed.

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