NEWS: Major incident “still ongoing” as parts of Marsh Lane blocked off by police

A major incident was “still ongoing” tonight, as police cordoned off parts of Marsh Lane from Coniston Road to past Draycott Avenue.

Shutting down the major throughfare, connecting Erdington to Stockland Green, traffic was being redirected up Coniston Road – with police tape completely blocking off entry to Marsh Lane until past Draycott Avenue, with the cul-de-sac also blocked of by police tape.

Pedestrians were being asked to stay on the other side of Marsh Lane, whilst officers kept anyone from entering the crime zone.

Several police cars and officers were at the scene on Marsh Lane, and whilst helpful to our reporter they were unable to give any information directly to the press – although they were able to tell us that the incident was “still ongoing” and they were still piecing the puzzle together themselves.

At one point, senior officers who had been gathered round the police tape blocking entry to Draycott Avenue jumped into an unmarked car and left the Marsh Lane scene.

One passer-by said he had heard there had been a stabbing, although this has not been confirmed by any official sources, and that he’d seen a police helicopter circling the Lyndhurst Estate earlier in the evening.

He also told our reporter other roads around Erdington had been blocked off by officers and police tape, although again this has not been confirmed.

Another local resident, who had been asking police at the scene for information, was advised they should go home and avoid using back streets or alleyways – raising further concerns there may be more trouble to follow this evening or a dangerous presence still at large on the streets.

Despite concerns for public safety, businesses trading in the area had not been asked to shut down or to warn customers – with Seavers Fish & Chips at the top of Marsh Lane serving people until their normal closing hours.

John from The Village Green Pub, on the corner of March Hill and Streetly Road, told Erdington Local:

“I didn’t know there had been an incident; no one has come in and warned us about anything. I might get a taxi home tonight though.”

Erdington Local has contacted both West Midlands Police and West Midlands Ambulance Service for more information but has not yet received any official response.