BACK TO SCHOOL: Hive students take part in trainee teachers conference

Words by Zain Khan, pics supplied by the Hive College

We were asked to take part in a conference for trainee teachers at Wolves Uni on Friday 3 May.

We sent five students to help with the refreshments for the delegates and then five students (including two alumni) were the keynote speakers for the event; sharing their educational journeys and the career aspirations followed by some tips for teachers with students with special educational needs.

The students chose to walk on to stage to ‘When the Going Gets Tough’! They all did fantastically well and were incredibly inspiring to us all. I was so proud to hear back how much they have achieved against so much adversity.

The organiser of the conference commented: “The aim of yesterday was to put good expert staff and talented pupils central to the focus and I really hope that came across.

“As a team, it’s the ethos that we are reinforcing all the time with our trainees and just look to work with people who have the same shared values.

“Good people, doing great work, for pupils who deserve every opportunity in life.”

They added: “EIAT as a trust is an absolute joy to work with. We see a lot of schools and trusts on a yearly basis and we can say, genuinely, that there is a clear connection and shared ethos in the staff we come across within Wilson Stuart, Mayfield, Queensbury, and the Hive.”

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