NEWS: Free Eco Together course begins at Witton Lakes Eco Hub helping people challenge climate change

Words by Liam Smith / Pics by Ed King

On 15 September, a free to access course will start at the Witton Lakes Eco Hub – offering advice and practical support for people worried about climate change.

Running for 10 weeks until the end of November, the Eco Together programme will encourage participants to look at their ‘lifestyle, communication, community, and advocacy’ and explore ways to make small, positive changes that benefit both their own lives and the environment.

Witton Lakes Eco Hub was built by Witton Lodge Community Association and launched in April 2022, transforming the 100 year old gatekeeper’s cottage into a community and educational centre with environmental issues at its heart.

Places are still available for the free Eco Together course, with local residents invited to sign up and take part.

For more information or to secure a place just call 0121 227 3200 or email [email protected]

Part of a nationwide initiative, delivered by the charity Transition Bath, Eco Together is run by local volunteers and will provide sessions themed on home energy, travel, food, and the use of resources. 

Aimed at ‘ordinary people’ who are worried about climate change, with no previous ecological experience required, the weekly workshops will also provide an opportunity for ‘friends, neighbours or colleagues to find their own best way to make a difference’.

Erdington Local spoke with Stephanie Boyle, an Erdington resident who is hosting the Eco Together course at the Witton Lakes Eco Hub.

Stephanie explained: “The sessions are there to help ordinary people to respond to all of the negative stories you hear about the environment and the growing concern for things like climate change and to find ways, big or small, in which they can make a positive contribution.”

Stephanie further highlighted how important it is for people to take a positive and proactive approach in contributing to tackle climate change.

She added: “Typically, when people talk about climate action they think about the big protests, with people gluing themselves to the road etc.

“Most people do not wish to take that approach, so these sessions help people to see what the other options are to make a difference.

“You can make a difference just simply by telling people that you worry about the environment or climate change, and what you are doing to try to make a difference. It normalises the idea that ordinary people can do something about it.”

Councillor Jilly Bermingham (Perry Common, Labour) and Jane Jones (Stockland Green, Labour) have already given their support to the project.

Cllr Bermingham told Erdington Local: “Witton Lakes Eco Hub helps the local community connect with nature and the environment. 

“Eco Together will show people how to take control with issues such as energy bills, it is important in this time of a cost-of-living crises that people are supported and know who can help them.”

To book a place on the Eco Together course at the Witton Lakes Eco Hub call 0121 227 3200 or email [email protected]

For more on the nationwide Eco Together project visit

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