NEWS: Erdington Local launches online newspaper – reporting ‘real life news’ from the heart of North East Birmingham

On Monday 5th April, Erdington Local launches its new online newspaper – covering the ‘real life news’ that affects residents and businesses across North East Birmingham.

Originally planned for June this year, both online and as a printed newspaper, Erdington Local has brought forward its web based news to report on the coronavirus crisis – with a special Erdington Local film crew covering the community’s response to the global pandemic.

Erdington Local’s first stories will be following the Erdington COVID-19 Taskforce, with a special report published on Tuesday 7th April about the work delivered by Witton Lodge Community Association to support the most vulnerable residents in their community. More features will continue to look at the impact coronavirus has had on Erdington – highlighting the support services being provided by organisations and community groups across the area, as part of the Erdington Assets Register and the huge surge in volunteer led initiatives.

Based in the heart of the constituency, Erdington Local will be sending their news team out across all the Erdington wards – reporting on stories from Erdington, Castle Vale, Stockland Green, Gravelly Hill, Pype Hayes, Perry Common, and Kingstanding.

Fully independent, Erdington Local will be shining a light on what truly matters to the people of Erdington – featuring unbiased and reliable local news on schools, shops, sport, arts, music, community groups, crime and social disorder.

Erdington Local will also have a special news team dedicated to celebrating all the unsung achievements from everyday people across Erdington – as well as following the proud regeneration and developments that will build a bigger, brighter, and better future for the people of North East Birmingham.

A partnership between Active Arts and Review Publishing, organisations with over 20 years of experience celebrating communities and delivering trusted regional news, Erdington Local is 100% independent. But having already worked at the heart of North East Birmingham for over two decades, the new team have strong links to the organisations on the ground and leading the way – allowing Erdington Local to report from the frontline of major developments affecting the constituency.

Claire Marshall, Active Arts Project Director, says: “Erdington Local is a full independent newspaper, allowing us to report the real life news that matters to the people of Erdington – without any political spin or business bluff. There have been too many biased or negative news reports about the area, especially in the mainstream media, and Erdington Local is committed to putting the truth back at the centre of this community.

We want it to be a platform for everyone across Erdington, across all the wards; a place local people can find their voice and be heard across the city.”

Erdington Local has also be endorsed by the major political figures in the constituency, despite the newspaper having no political allegiance and remaining firmly independent.

On the launch of Erdington Local, Jack Dromey MP says: “I warmly welcome Erdington Local because it will provide a platform for the people of Erdington – to learn from one another, to celebrate all that is best in our community, and to stand together through these heart breaking times.”

And from the other side of the house, Councillor Robert Alden says: Erdington is a great place with a proud history. Having featured in the Doomsday book, Erdington has grown from an ancient Hamlet to a thriving urban suburb over the years.

There is so much positive that happens in our local area, residents going the extra mile, that sadly many people never hear about. So, it is wonderful to support this launch of Erdington Local. In the coming weeks and months, it will be great for some of the great work happening across Erdington to be given a platform so that more people can hear and engage with our home.”

Erdington Local is looking for stories from the heart of the community – if you know something you want to tell us about, or think we should send our reporters to investigate, then email [email protected]

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  1. Wishing you much success with this worthwhile venture. Sounds like a useful tool for the community and i look forward to reading it.

    1. Thanks Keith, we’re looking forward to giving Erdington the media attention and celebration it deserves – appreciate your support. Stay safe and well.

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