BACK TO SCHOOL: Beautiful butterflies released by EYFS pupils at Marsh Hill Primary

Words and pics supplied by Marsh Hill Primary School

This term at Marsh Hill primary school, our EYFS pupils have been learning all about life cycles and nature.

The children have been caring for caterpillars in the classroom, nurturing them and keeping them safe, and have been excited to look after the insects.

The life cycle of the caterpillar will move from the larva stage, growing to be a caterpillar, through to it forming a chrysalis, and then transforming into a beautiful butterfly.

For the past few weeks, the children have been observing the caterpillars and have talked to their friends and staff about how they have changed, especially on how much bigger they got!

Then last week, there was huge excitement when the EYFS pupils spotted the chrysalis shaking – and finally the children were very lucky to see a couple of the butterflies emerge from their chrysalis!

This week the children released the butterflies into the wild. They have had so much fun and look forward to learning more about the wonders of nature.

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