NEWS: Erdington drug dealer gets over two years behind bars following arrest in Burton upon Trent

Words by Erdington Local editorial team / Pic of Burton Police Station from Google Maps

An Erdington based drug dealer has been jailed for over two years for selling crack and heroin, following his arrest in Burton upon Trent – Staffordshire Police confirmed this week.

Filipe Lopes, 20, from Gravelly Lane, was stopped by eagle-eyed police officers in the Staffordshire town earlier this year. After searching Lopes, officers found more than 100 wraps containing class A drugs, £150 in cash, and a mobile phone.

Lopes was taken to Burton Police Station and questioned about the findings whilst in custody. He was later charged with drug supply offences, and faced with overwhelming evidence chose to plead guilty at the earliest opportunity.

On Friday 6 October, Lopes was sentenced to 27 months behind bars at Stafford Crown Court after pleading guilty to possession with intent to supply cocaine and heroin and using criminal.

Lopes was given a 25 per cent reduction in his sentence due to an early guilty plea which helped ease the strain on the criminal justice system.

Detective Sergeant Jonathan Bradbury, who was the lead officer in the case, welcomed the sentence.

He said: “I’m happy we’ve been able to jail another dealer who was intent on distributing harmful drugs within our communities.

“Officers across the force are committed to proactively targeting drug supply and will continue to act on intelligence leads and reports from the public to bring these people to justice.”

He added: “We will continue to take proactive action against those involved in supplying drugs in Staffordshire.”

Combatting county lines, which is when inner city criminal networks sell drugs in rural towns and villages using dedicated mobile phone lines to trade their illegal wares, is a priority for Staffordshire Police.

Across the region, police teams have been working with each other and external agencies to ‘identify criminals involved in serious organised crime’ and national gang networks, as part of their ongoing Operation Target – as launched in May 2023.

A spokesman told: “This successful case follows our ongoing commitment to tackling serious and organised crime and protecting those who are at risk of exploitation through criminals – called Operation Target.

“Work is continuing to proactively target the groups responsible for these crimes – including county lines, drug distribution, illegal firearms and sexual exploitation.”

NEWS: Erdington based gun dealer jailer for over 14 years after operation by the Regional Organised Crime Unit

Words by Ed King / Pics & video released by West Midlands Police

Earlier this week an Erdington based gun dealer was jailed for over 14 years after a successful operation by the Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU).

Jordan Geoghegan (23) from Summerlee Rd, Pype Hayes, was arrested at his home address after police discovered the ‘tools’ needed to repurpose blank firing ammunition into lethal bullets, along with shotgun cartridges and bullet casing.

Further searches of his mobile phone uncovered video footage of Geoghan brandishing a series of guns, including a variety of handguns, alongside text messages of being able to buy cheap guns from the United States and how he planned to kill someone with a shotgun – West Midlands Police reported.

WMP further reported one of the guns featured in the video was recovered and confirmed it was ‘found to be live’, although it was ‘not clear if the others were real or imitation.’

Police also found evidence the ammunition Geoghegan was looking to sell was being made directly by him, possibly at his Erdington home address.

WATCH: Gunman who boasted about weapons in videos jailed for more than 14 years

Following his conviction this week, West Midlands Police released the incriminating pictures and video footage of Geoghegan engaged in the attempted sale of deadly weapons.

Police also released a selection of the text messages found to have been sent by Geoghegan, where one states: “12 double barrel, Model 27 semi auto MK sten…. There the kinda things I can get aha just don’t tell no one.”

Another said: “Need a pocket rocket for tomorrow g if you got one cheap that slaps.”

Jordan Geoghegan was brought to justice after a successful operation by Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU), as part of the wider Operation Target – conducted by West Midlands Police and the ROCU across the region.

Operation Target works with regional partners and in line with the National Crime Agency to tackle organised crime in the West Midlands, which the force say nationally leads to more deaths ‘than all other national security threats combined, including terrorism’ and costs the UK over £37 billion annually.

Det Chief Insp Peter Cooke, from the Regional Organised Crime Unit, said: “Geoghegan was what was known in the criminal world as a ‘clean skin’ – with no criminal record. This obviously gave him some confidence that he could carry on his illegal operation undetected.

“He was wrong. A thorough investigation found traces of his DNA found on the bullets, as well as numerous mobile phone videos showing him handling guns.

“The text messages he was exchanging with other criminals show he was serious and committed to the trade in illegal firearms.

“He had the tools, knowledge and skills to produce large quantities of live ammunition which would certainly have made their way into the hands of criminals who use illegal firearms on the streets of Birmingham.

“We are absolutely committed to tackling serious and organised crime in the West Midlands and will use all of our tactics and powers to bring those involved in it to justice.”

Geoghegan appeared at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday 11 September, admitting possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition, and being involved in the sale or transfer of ammunition.

He was jailed for 14.5 years.

West Midlands Police further stated: ‘Others who Geohegan were in contact with have been investigated, with one person jailed for five years for possession of a firearm.’