NEWS: Professional Kingstanding boxer Niall Farrell gets ready for September fights

By Erdington Local news team

Kingstanding boxer Niall Farrell is “loving” life as a professional and keeping busy with two fights this month – his first taking place at Planet Ice in Solihull on Saturday 9 September.

Fighting in the All of the Lights tournament, presented by Tommy Owens Promotions LTD, Farell will appear as an undercard on a bill of lightweight boxers from across the country – including Nottingham’s Delmar Thomas and Dudley’s Ryan Griffiths.

For more information and links to online tickets sales for All of the Lights, click here.

Niall Farell, a former Team GB member, swapped fighting for his country across the world to enter the professional ranks earlier this year and made an impressive start with unbeaten 2-0 record.

The 25-year-old is still training at Second City Boxing, Kingstanding, and has appointed Birmingham veteran John Pegg as his manager to navigate the notoriously slippery world of the fight game.

He told Erdington Local: “I hopefully will be 4-0 by the end of the month, and then hope to fight another twice before the end of the year.

“I am loving being a pro-fighter now; I always have a date to fight, and I am learning every day and I am keeping busy.”

He added: “The lightweight division has some of the best pound for pound fighters in the world and I am just starting out, so I am just concentrating on the next fight.”

Niall is fighting on Saturday 9 Septemebr at Solihull’s Planet Ice. A key component of being a pro-fighter is being a “ticket seller” and ‘Wacka Farrell’ has already amassed a big following from Kingstanding.

He said: “I am not sure how many I’ve sold but I know there is a coach leaving Kingstanding for Solihull. I am so grateful to everyone who supports me, now I am professional people will be able to see me locally instead of me flying all over the world in amateur tournaments.”

Saturday’s opponent was meant to be Niall’s toughest test yet, Logan Paling, but he has had to rearrange the bout for Thursday, 28 September at Cannock’s Bar Sport.

Niall said: “I am not sure who my opponent is on Saturday (9 September), but I can’t wait to get back in the ring. The difference from amateur three bout fights and longer professional fights is it’s not such a big rush, I can take my time.”

Niall decided to turn professional after a controversial decision ended his dream of winning gold at last year’s Commonwealth Games in his own city.

He said: “I had a great amateur career, fighting for your country all over the world is a great experience. It gave me a profile which is helping me as a pro and the bonds I made with the boxers who were my teammates are still there.” 

Niall still helps out at Black Country homeless charity The Good Shepherd regularly and enjoyed running Second City’s summer children’s camp in the school holidays.

He said: “We will be doing more summer camps because it was a real success, it was not just about boxing but it was nice to see some of the children join the club afterwards.”

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Kingstanding boxer Niall Farrell out of Commonwealth Games after controversial referee decision

By Erdington Local news team

There was heartbreak and confusion in Kingstanding as local hero and boxer Niall Farrell’s gold medal dreams ended in a controversial defeat last night.

Coachloads of friends and family left Kingstanding Circle for the NEC to watch an international sporting spectacle where their star was expected to shine.

At Second City Bar & Lounge, Kingstanding Road, the red and white balloons had been blown up and the cross of St George laid across every available table in anticipation of a night to remember.

Despite being Monday evening, Second City had the packed out feeling of a Saturday; rounds of sour vodka shots were being shared around whether people ordered them or not.

The smokers outside stood underneath the old sign of the Kingstanding pub, which stands derelict across the Circle, happily knowing they had already claimed the best seats in front of the big screen.

Red ‘Team Farrell’ t-shits were the most popular item of clothing in the 100 plus crowd, and everyone had a tale to tell about their local boy done good.

There was a stampede inside when the boxing began, eagle-eyed punters spotted friends and family ringside on TV, and shouted hello to them.

The cheers reverberated around the club when Niall entered the ring following his Northern Irish opponent.

Though his crowd wore red, Niall wore blue, his hair pulled up into a ponytail and his tattoos looking perfect beneath a sheen of glistening sweat.

The action got underway and there was immediate flurry of punches between the fighters; there was no feeling each other out, it was instant action.

There were winces as Niall took the first shot and swearing to the roof when a looping right hand landed flush on the Kingstanding fighter’s head. A minute later and another punch landed, forcing the referee to give Niall a standing eight count.

This wasn’t good.

Niall was showing flashes of brilliance, his class was there to see, but his opponent did not pay any attention to reputations.

Another punch landed, Niall’s leg slightly buckled but he was standing tall and ready to go, to power through to the next round.

However, the ref thought different – as the amateur rules are different to professional boxing, when even an armchair fan knows someone has to be knocked to the ground and fail to get up in ten seconds to lose.

The ref spoke to Niall, and his opponent ran to his team in celebration. One man in the Second City crowd spotted it first: “That’s it, he’s done, lost.”

It took about 30 seconds for everyone to realise the dream was over, the Sunday night watching Niall fighting for gold would not happen, nor the parade when the victorious hero brought the gold back to Kingstanding.

He had lost.

The finality of it was etched in his face as he refused to shake the ref’s hand; someone had let the air out of the room.

There was no anger, just a profound sadness a young man who dedicated his life to sport would not be one of the stars of his hometown Games.

One woman demanded to be interviewed so she could call it “a fix”, and a chippy whose shift tomorrow was looking more unlikely with every round added: “He could have carried on, he was not hurt, this is a rubbish way to end a boxing match.”

Francis Heeney spoke for everyone when he said: “Niall is a winner. He will not come back here a loser, he is our winner, who else here is fighting for their country in the Commonwealth Games? No-one.

“Niall loves Kingstanding, and we love him, whether he loses or wins.”

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LOCAL PROFILE: Niall Farrell

Kingstanding boxer Niall Farrell is preparing to represent his country in the England Boxing squad at the Commonwealth Games 2022, pegged by many as serious contender to bring back the gold.

Erdington Local caught up with Naill in the middle of his rigorous training schedule and ahead of his first fight scheduled on Monday, 1 August – at the NEC Hall 4, from 6:30pm onward.

Kingstanding boxer Niall Farrell is planning to bring a Commonwealth Games gold medal back to Kingstanding. Named in the England team for his hometown games, Niall is working around the clock to ensure he leaves nothing in the ring at the NEC.

He trains during the week in the GB Boxing facility in Sheffield and then during the weekend he can be found in the ring in Kingstanding’s Second City Suite with his dad.

The 24-year-old has been boxing for his country since he was 15 but had a nightmare few years with injuries.

He told Erdington Local: “I had to have three operations in three years on my hands. I saw then what my life would be without boxing and I did not like what I see.

“But I believe I have come out the other side of it stronger, I feel fitter than ever and am glad I got through all those injuries; it was tough physically and mentally but I’m ready to go now.

“That is why I am giving everything now. I have always had a great work ethic, I want to show the kids of Kingstanding that if you work hard then anything is possible, in and out of the ring.”

Niall could be one of the standout stars of the Commonwealth Games, being from Birmingham and in real contention for a gold medal.

He said: “I know I can beat anyone in the world on my day so I am planning on winning gold. I’ve already had ITV get in touch; they want to come to the club.

“I want them to be there when I come back to Kingstanding with a gold medal, imagine what a party that will be in Kingstanding!”

He added: “I am all about Birmingham, I always have been, I love my hometown so to be fighting at the NEC, which I remember going to see a concert with my family, is a dream come true.

“If you are a proper Brummie you love the city, you live here, so seeing the Commonwealth Games in basically my back garden is going to be unforgettable.”

However, Niall will not be staying at home during the Games as he wants to be close to the England boxing team.

He added: “There is not a more individual sport in the world than boxing, you are in that ring alone. But it also a team sport too because of all the support we give each other.

“I am going to be staying in the athlete’s village with the rest of the team, we are coming to take over and I want to be part of every moment.

“I want support my fellow boxers every step of the way.”

Niall is also keen to use the connections he has made in boxing and his rising profile to help others.

He said: “I’ve met a lot of interesting people and made connections through GB Boxing, so want to use that to do some good. I run my own charity, Support Futures, and I am patron for the Good Shepherd charity.

“I also want to be a good example for the kids of Kingstanding. I think the best way to do that is lead by example, by working hard, showing discipline. I take time to talk to the kids; boxing can change lives and I will always try and show what can be done.”

Niall is looking forward to fighting in front of his friends and family at the NEC, and it will take four or five fights to clinch the gold medal. However, he also knows the Second City Suite will be packed every time he fights.

He said: “My fights should be on TV so I know the place will be absolutely rammed on fight days. It will be the place to be that’s for sure.

“This could be the biggest few weeks of my life and I want everyone to know I will be giving everything to win that gold medal.”

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NEWS: Kingstanding boxer Niall Farrell to represent England at Commonwealth Games 2022

By Erdington Local news team

Kingstanding boxer Niall Farrell has been chosen for the England boxing team for the Commonwealth Games 2022.

The boxer only found out last week he was included in the team for the Games which start on July 28.

Niall will be boxing in front of a home crowd at the NEC’s LG Arena and could be one of the stars of the Games as a local athlete with real medal ambitions.

Niall told Erdington Local: “I am so pleased to be included in the team for the Commonwealth Games.

“Boxing always leaves it late when it comes to selecting a team and though lots of people were telling me I was a certainty for the squad it just does not work like that in this sport, anything can happen.”

Niall has fought all around the world in amateur boxing but rarely fights on home soil, so is looking forward to having friends and family around him when he steps into the Commonwealth Games ring.

The 24-year-old said: “I have not fought in England for years now so to have the Commonwealth Games in my own city will be something I will never forget.

“I am still waiting for the schedule to come out and then I will know who I am fighting and what time and day I will be at the NEC. It’s so exciting.”

Niall, who fought back from two injuries which kept him out of the ring for nearly three years, has had a successful run up to the Games. He won gold for Great Britain at the prestigious Gee Bee Championships in the spring and won silver at the European Amateur Championships.

Niall regularly mixes with boxing stars after training for seven years at Team GB Boxing’s headquarters in Sheffield, but always calls Kingstanding’s Second City Boxing Club his home.

His dad runs the club and the place will be packed for Niall’s fights in the Games.

Niall has plenty of causes he will give publicity too if his profile raises due to a successful run.

Farrell is an ambassador of a homeless charity and chairman of Support Futures which rehabilitates and educate young people across West Midlands.

He said: “Boxing moulds you. I see people come into the gym at home and they’ve changed their lives through boxing and that’s what I’m trying to push.

“There’s so much more to it that training and fighting. It’s a chess match. It’s not how hard or how many times I can punch you – it’s about how many times I can hit and not get hit.

“I’m hoping with the Commonwealth (Games) in England people can actually see there’s a lot more to it.”

Niall is aiming to turn professional one day and a Commonwealth Games gold medal etched in the memories of millions who watch it would be the perfect platform.

He said: “I always get a lot support from Kingstanding, 50 people once travelled to Croatia to watch me so being down the road will be great for everyone.

“My sponsors Absolute Scaffolding, Four Roads Construction, Spanclad Construction, and Luke Roper (Luke 1977) have helped massively.”

He added: “It is a dream come true to be boxing in my hometown of Birmingham, I remember watching the Commonwealths before I was on GB and now my dreams come to reality.”

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NEWS: Kingstanding boxer wins gold medal at Gee Bee Championships

By Erdington Local news team

Kingstanding boxer Niall Farrell has won gold for Great Britain at the prestigious Gee Bee Championships.

The championships, held in Finland, were the first of three tournaments in what is set to be an unforgettable year for Farrell – culminating in the 24-year-old fighting in front of his home crowd in the Commonwealth Games.

The featherweight was the first Team GB fighter in the ring on Sunday and his victory set the tone for the rest of the day, with his team returning to the UK with eight medals.

Niall told Erdington Local: “Finals day is always amazing, I was kind of nervous because I wanted to give the team a good start, we are really close knit team and we all cheer each other on after our own fights.

“I’ve got the European Championships and then the Commonwealth Games in July. I should be in the team; it will be amazing. I have not fought in England for years now so to have the Commonwealth Games in my own city will be something I will remember forever.

“I have got a lot of support in Kingstanding, 50 people once travelled with me to Croatia so imagine what it will be like in the NEC for my fights.”

Niall has been fighting for the prestigious Team GB Boxing for seven years and regularly mixes with world champions and Olympic gold medallists as he is pushed to the limit by his coaches at the Sheffield headquarters.

However, Kingstanding’s Second City Boxing Club is where his heart will always be.

He said: “My dad set up Second City for me and my brothers really and all my family are involved. What the club has achieved in this area is something we are all really proud of.

“Youngsters have come into the gym to keep off the streets and have ended up fighting for championships and wearing England shirts.

“I am treated no different to anyone else when I go in the gym, in fact I might get shouted at more than anyone else by my dad. But I know because I am a Team GB boxer I can inspire any kid who walks into that gym.”

Niall is wary of looking too far ahead as he needs to think one fight, and one tournament, at a time, but he hopes to be selling out arenas in the professional ranks one day.

He said: “The Commonwealth Games will be a great platform to build on, I want to turn professional one day, and I will want to be fighting for world titles in Birmingham, but I cannot think too far ahead. I just know there are exciting times ahead.”

He added: “I have had a lot of support from Kingstanding, from everyone at the club, to my sponsors Absolute Scaffolding, Four Roads Construction, Spanclad Construction, and Luke Roper (Luke 1977), and I know I when I go into a school or a gym, if I can change just one child’s mindset then I’ve won already.

“However, I know the whole city will be behind me during the Commonwealth Games, it will be the kind of thing when everything is done, my career is done, that I and the rest of the Team GB boxers will look back on and smile.”

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